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What you should do... 

Please use the form to contact Kate to provide a detailed description of your desired artwork. 

How long will it take? 

Kate's waiting list varies throughout the year. Currently, you must allow at least 8 weeks notice. You must supply Kate with all size requirements, photographs, imagery and ideas for art and design work within 30 days of your desired completion date. The quote supplied to you will only be valid for 14 days, if you respond after this time wishing to proceed there is no guarantee that your commission will be completed by your desired completion date. 

Please note

  • Collection or delivery should be arranged within 14 days of completion of your artwork. If not a penalty fee will incur. 

  • It is the customers responsibility to allow enough time between placing an order and completion. 

  • Please check Junk folder for miss placed emails. 


Speak soon!

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