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A.S Wallace Family Butchers

East Wittering


February 2019

In February Kate was commissioned her largest project to date, a mural. Although nervous she was excited about the prospect of furthering her freelance service. The aim of the project was to create a decorative piece on the wall for customers to enjoy when they entered the space. Through research and detailed planning, she managed to capture various aspects of the meat offered within the shop including the colour change through dry aged meat. 


"I am so pleased with the mural I produced in A.S Wallace Family Butchers. I was apprehensive about working in a more refined manner but the creative freedom the Wallace family gave me, allowed me to use my abstract method to create colourful texture in the meat illustrations."


Kate used POSCA acrylic pens ranging from 2.8mm - 8mm nibs to apply the artwork and finished with a matte spray varnish. 

A.S Wallace Butchers
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